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This community is for discussion and debate about the drug laws in the United States and elsewhere.

Some possible topics:

  • Should thousands be put in jail for smoking marijuana?
  • Does marijuana have medicinal value?
  • Plan Columbia, and our enforcement of the drug war abroad
  • Are drug users terrorists?
  • Effective and humane responses to addiction
  • John Ashcroft's latest antics

News, events, activism, etc. are all welcome here. However, this community is moderated. It is not a place to post about "the kind bud you scored last night" or how stoned you got on your brownies.

No personal attacks will be allowed. Please back up your discussion with links.

Discussions can meander, but truly off topic posts will be deleted.

With all the Don'ts out of the way, please feel free to post!

This community is owned by todfox.

Note: We are not associated with Erowid; the maintainer just likes them a lot and so made them the home page for this community. They are the best drug-related resource on the 'net!

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